What We Do

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Our Commitment

Why DO Occupation Health and Safety?

  1. Legal Obligation

The corpus law of Kenya requires that every workplace to be registered under Occupation Safety and Health Act of 2007 and comply with its statutory regulations. This includes; Fire Risk Reduction Rules (2007), Hazardous Substance Rule (2007),  First aid rules (1977), Medical Examination Rules (2005), Noise Control and Prevention Rules (2005) , Safety and Health Committee Rules (2004) etc


  1. Moral Aspect

The duty of care principle under the common law states that every person has a right to safe, healthy and conducive work environment. It also imposes that occupiers and employers to protect persons at work from hazards and maintain safe and healthy workplaces, on the hand workers should ensure their own safety and that of their colleagues at work.

  1. Economic Aspect

The protection of workers health and safety would enhance business continuity and sustainability, improved corporate image, reduced cost of production due to low compensation cost, reduced staff absent ism ,labor turn over and high staff morale.


Our Core Values

  • Quality
  • Delivery /performance
  • Safety first
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Individual Morale


  1. Supply and installation of Fire Fighting Appliances
  2. Supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  3. Supply and installation of Safety signs such as fire safety, warning signs, information signs


  1. Occupation Safety and Health Audits
  2. Environmental Audits
  3. Fire Safety Audits
  4. Fire equipment services
  5. Risk assessment
  6. Emergency Response
  7. Safety and Health Committee training