What is Risk Assessment

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What is Risk Assessment

RISK ASSESSMENT is a systematic approach to manage workplace hazards. It is a key component in any organizational management that identifies, evaluates and determines the means of reducing risks to an acceptable level to protect employees, visitors, third party contractors, casual laborers, people who remain physically present at workplace and the environment.

Risk assessment also protects assets and considers how to avoid losses.

At Safety Max Solutions we employee Four stages of risk assessment process:


Risk Identification              Risk Analysis                  Risk Management

Risk Identification

It is a fundamental part of safety and health management and refers to the identification of potential hazards in the workplace as well as the likelihood that they will occur. By extension, risk identification should also involve the implementation of measures to reduce or mitigate those hazards.


Risk Analysis

It entails a method for evaluating both the probability and severity of a specific action. Examples of the various degrees of probability include frequent, likely, occasional, seldom or unlikely. Examples of severity can include catastrophic, critical, marginal, or negligible. For more infor visit www.safetymaxsolutions.co.ke)

Risk Management

It involves control of identified hazards and risks through knowledge about hazard, risk, cost associated and available options determine which would be desirable. The process begins with the most preferable to the least preferable according to hierarchy of hazard control approach.

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