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Reflective and caution safety tape is a simple, self-adhesive, high visibility tape, suitable for marking out potentially hazardous or dangerous areas. It can be effectively used in any environment, and takes literally minutes to apply.

It reflects light that is shined on or towards it. Safety tape is constructed using the technology combination of tiny glass beads, prisms, and metals to create a highly reflective surface within the tape. Reflective floor marking tape can be used to enhance visibility for storage areas, loading docks, aisle ways, and poles, and is especially helpful in dark or dimly lit areas. However, it is important to note that reflective marking tape is highly visible during both day and night conditions.

Application of Reflective and Caution Tapes

Reflective and caution tapes are perfect for application in many areas:

  1. Walkways

Reflective marking tape is great for marking out vital routes to be used either at all times, or routes to follow in an emergency. All colours are suitable to use for floor marking.


Stairways can be marked either as a specific or important way through for access or egress to or from a building or room. Stair ways can also be marked to highlight them also, and remind people to take caution when ascending or descending them


Marked so workers or guests will be notified to use caution when working or near ledges.

          4.Low hanging objects

Certain parts of structures can be at head height for some, therefore they are required to be marked to prevent injury. By adding reflective marking tape to areas that could cause injury, you can reduce or prevent injuries completely.


The reflective safety tape is coated with a permanent adhesive coat, which allows for a long term bond, and with it not being water based, it will not break down under testing environmental conditions. A paper backing liner is applied to protect the PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) prior to application. To order or inquire further visit Safety Max Solutions LTD along Thika highway next to TIBS College. You can make an inquiry via  or email

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