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1. A fire alarm system is required in a building for one or both of the following purposes:

  • to enable people in the building to be informed of an outbreak of fire and evacuate the building before the escape routes are affected by the product of fire.
  • to enable early detection and mitigate damage that may be caused by the fire by activating firefighting resources.

2. A promoter in the service sector should ensure that a fire warning system is installed at the workplace if the                  number of persons exceeds 60 or inflammable substances are stored, used and handled

3. A fire alarm system consisting basically of break glass manual call points which are wired electrically to                          sounders / sirens and a control indicator panel.

4. Break glass call points should be installed at 1.4 metres above floor level preferably near exit and emergency                  staircase. In large premises, no one should travel more than 30 metres to reach a call point

5.Sounders/sirens should be strategically placed in sufficient numbers and in such a way that the sound is                        audible throughout the building. The sound should be distinctive and at least 5 decibels above normal noise in            the premises.

6.The basic system can be enhanced by introducing automatic fire detectors

7.Fire detectors are designed to detect one or more of the three characteristics of a fire: heat, smoke or flame

8.Heat or smoke detectors are suitable for most buildings. Flame detectors are mainly used to supplement heat               or smoke detectors in high compartments or outdoor wide area storages

9. A fire warning system should be designed and installed in accordance to BS 5839 or any other equivalent                         standard

10. Every component of the system should be tested in accordance with BS 5839 and maintained in operational                 order. A record of the test should be kept


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