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Frost bite is a common injury caused by exposure to severe cold or by contact with extreme cold objects such as metal objects.

The body parts mostly affected are face, ears, fingers and toes. When tissues freezes blood vessels are damaged and this reduces blood flow and may cause gangrene. Frost bites are not always painful, but often include a sharp, pricking sensation.

The first indication of frost bite is skin that looks waxy and feels numb. Once tissue becomes hard, the case is severe medical emergency.

Severe frostbite results in blistering that usually takes about ten minutes to subside. Once damaged, tissues will always be more susceptible to frostbite in future.

First aid to frostbite

  • Warm frostbitten area gradually with body heat. Do not rub.
  • Don’t thaw hands or feet unless medical aid is distant and there is no chance of refreezing. Parts are better thawed at hospital
  • Apply sterile dressing to blisters to prevent breaking
  • Get Medical attention

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