Statutory audits refers to legally required review by the government or the company. It entails checking the company’s activities and operations to ensure that they do not compromise against set regulations and policies.

At Safety Max Solutions LTD we undertake compliance/statutory annual audits such as safety audits, environmental audits and fire safety audits followed by a detailed report of the findings. We are composed of a team of highly qualified personnel, with an impressive combined knowledge of the industry. This is in relation to Environment, Mechanical, Electrical, Structural and Medical field.

Our team members are approved lead and associate expert by NEMA (National Environment Management Authority), approved safety and health advisers by (DOSH) Directorate of Occupation Safety and Health Services.

OSH Audit

We undertake annual Occupation Safety and Health (OSH) audits under OSHA 2007, to ensure compliance, protect workers’ health and prevent property damage hence business continuity.

Fire Safety Audit

We conduct fire safety audits which examine premises and relevant documents to ascertain the organization preparedness in according to Fire Risk Reduction Rules Legal Notice No. 59 of 2005.

EA and EIA

We are registered environmental lead experts and associates experts with NEMA approved to conduct annual environmental audits and environmental impact assessment of a proposed project.

Fire Equipment Inspection

We provide annual, semi-annual or monthly firefighting equipment inspection services according to either the organization requirement or legal requirement (L.N 56 2005 FRRR

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