Protective Clothing

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2 stripes reflective vest Medium size, printable material
KSh230.00 KSh200.00
4 stripped reflective vest Medium size, printable material
KSh330.00 KSh300.00
This is a quality tow rope at a very low price. The poly rope is 4.5 metres long (the maximum permitted length for towing on-road) and is 24mm diameter. It is spliced at both ends and is suppliedwith a’ tested’ D shackle.


No rating
protects one’s clothes and skin from stains and marks. worn as a decoration, for hygienic reasons, as part of a uniform, or as protection from certain dangers such as acid, allergens or excessive heat
KSh500.00 KSh350.00

Bettle Jackets

No rating
At Safety Max Solutions LTD, we have a variety of different qualities, color and designs as per client’s request.
KSh1,500.00 KSh1,000.00

Bike Helmets

No rating
Have hard shells made of ABS or poly-carbonate plastic Can have composite hard shells, with layers of fiberglass or even Kevlar fiber laid up in an epoxy.
KSh4,500.00 KSh3,500.00
Caution floor floor stands prevent slips and falls. Ensure all employees understand your safety message. ‘Danger Slippery surface’ clearly displayed on both sides of stand. Heavy duty polypropylene A-board sign Illustration on sign clearly shows the danger of slippery floor Folds flat for easy storage and integral handle makes carrying easy Highly visible hazard yello
KSh1,600.00 KSh1,500.00

Caution tapes

No rating
High quality, industrial strength  for even better visibility. Easy to peel and apply-will not wrinkle,bubble or rip during application Available in yellow,grey,white/red e.t.c
KSh800.00 KSh650.00

Chest Guard

No rating
A shock absorbent high density foam interior, covered in vinyl. Has a impact shield inside to absorb blows better. Shoulder straps cross in back and tie.
KSh750.00 KSh650.00
Motorcycle goggles protect your eyes from wind, dirt and dust  provides riders with a higher level of functionality and accurate vision
KSh400.00 KSh350.00
General Purpose Heavy duty Leather Gloves 10″ Rigger Gloves Ideal for construction, maintenance, industrial and general use Suitable for mining, cabling, rigging, construction or other industrial job, rigger gloves will provide you with superior hand protection. These technical gloves help prevent injuries like abrasions, crushing, cuts and extreme elements and are designed for comfort and fit.
KSh350.00 KSh300.00
A safety net is in most cases a net to protect people from injury after falling by limiting the distance they fall Price @ 2 mtrs X 50 mtrs
KSh18,000.00 KSh17,000.00

Showing 1–12 of 83 results