About Us

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Our History

Safety Max Solutions LTD was established in 2015 with a focus in creating awareness and enhancing solutions in occupation safety and health. The main purpose is to protect workers’ health, save lives, enhance business continuity, and prevent property damage.

We specialize in ALL work- related field/sectors including, Office Safety, Construction Site Safety, Industrial Safety where we assist organization in their business operation through OHS management, auditing, and training, in contemporary save lives, money and prevent property damage.

Some of the OHS related issues are very COSTLY and includes work injury compensation cost, workers pain and suffering, company’s corporate image and industrial relations, absentism and labor turnover, fines from government safety inspectors, unsure about safety legislation to implement in order to comply with Occupation Health and Safety Act, etc

Vision Statement

To be the benchmark source of Occupation safety and health solutions in Africa

Mission Statement

To Create Occupation Safety and Health awareness to all stakeholders and assist in the prevention of occupational accidents, diseases, loss of lives and property damage.