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About us

Safety Max Solutions LTD is a consultancy firm in the business of creating awareness and enhancing solutions in Safety, Health and Environment. Our services entail selection and supply of Personal Protective Equipment, supply and installation of fire prevention and suppression equipment, awareness training and statutory safety audits, fire audits, environment impact assessment and auditing.

Our Mission

  • To create Safety and Health awareness to all  stakeholders
  • To assist in the prevention of  occupational accidents, diseases, loss of lives and property damage
  • To cultivate a culture of safety first in a workplace
  • To nurture career development in SHE

Our Vision

To be the benchmark source of information for workplace safety, health and environment in East and Central Africa


Tailor-Made Suit Your Needs

Statutory Safety and Health Auditing

A SAFETY AUDIT examines and determines whether or not a company’s daily activities and processes conform to their planned health and safety arrangements as well as government laws.

Workplace Risk Assessment

RISK ASSESSMENT is a systematic approach to manage workplace hazards. It is a key component in any organizational management that identifies, evaluates and determines the means of reducing risks.

Environmental Impact Assessment & Environmental Audit

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a critical examination of the effects of a project on the environment. Any proponent of a project should conduct an EIA and prepare a report.


At Safety Max Solutions LTD we undertake compliance/statutory annual audits such as safety audits, environmental audits and fire safety audits followed by a detailed report of the findings.


An Emergency Response plan entail preparation of simulation exercise to test a company’s emergency response preparedness. It allows the company to perfect the plan before an actual emergency occurs.


We train on mandatory safety and health awareness such as First Aid Administration, Fire Prevention and Control, Workplace Safety and Health Committee, Emergency Response etc.

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